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" जब आप किसी हतोत्साहित, निराष या रोग ग्रस्त व्यक्ति को देखते हो, वहीं आपका सेवा क्षेत्र है " Sri Sathya Sai Baba
Hands Reaching Out

रोगी तथा रोग का विवरण

Vol 13 अंक 3
May / June 2022

Recurrent urinary tract infection (UTI) 11235...India

A 67-year-old woman had been suffering from recurrent UTI with fever and pain during urination, for more than six months. This would occur every two months and she would take a prescribed course of antibiotics for 5 to 7 days after which her symptoms would go away. When she next developed the usual symptoms on 8 Aug 2014, instead of going to her doctor, she...(continued)

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Migraine, shoulder pain 11235...India

A 51-year-old female started to get headaches over two years ago. Even a five-minute exposure to the sun would cause a headache with nausea that lasted the whole day and would get relieved only after vomiting; her condition was diagnosed as migraine. She could not avoid going out in the sun as her profession required her to go on tour 4-5...(continued)

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Arthritis 02051...Chile

In 2014, a 44-year-old woman started experiencing stiffness in joints throughout the body, more in her hands. Her condition gradually worsened leading to swollen and painful joints, extreme fatigue and a lack of motivation to carry out daily chores. The symptoms were worse in the morning making it difficult for her to move about. She was diagnosed with...(continued)

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Cough chronic 03567...USA

A 5 2-year-old female experienced frequent bouts of dry cough, at least two or three times a day, for over four years. The cough would start suddenly and go on for 20 to 30 minutes interspersed with short gaps, leaving her exhausted. She would sip hot water or take lozenges to help suppress the attack. She had no other respiratory symptoms. The...(continued)

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Acne 03554...Guyana

A female aged 34 had been suffering from a severe breakout of acne all over her face since January 2016. She consulted several doctors including a dermatologist, and was given antibiotics and other medicines as well as recommended facial creams, but nothing helped. As soon as the acne dried up, new spots would surface. On her doctor’s advice...(continued)

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Appendicitis 11601...India

A 9-year-old girl suddenly developed severe abdominal pain in mid-August 2018. She was not eating properly and would cry in pain every day. The doctor diagnosed acute appendicitis and recommended surgery. He did not prescribe any medicine and advised the girl to take very light food. Four days later on 19 August 2018, the child’s grandmother...(continued)

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Loss of vision 11520...India

A 53-year-old man developed severe pain in his forehead and swelling on the left side of his face along with a burning sensation and stiffness in the left eye on 25 July 2018. Over the next few days, he lost all vision in this eye. After two weeks, when he saw the ophthalmologist, his condition was diagnosed as...(continued)

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Skin itch 11592...India

The 62-year-old mother of the practitioner was suffering from itching all over her body and a mild rash in some places for 15 years. She took prescribed allopathic medicines for three years and ayurvedic treatment for four years but in vain. Whenever she consumed brinjal or sorrel leaves, the itching became worse, so she eliminated these from her...(continued)

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Haemorrhoids, indigestion 11623...India

Since early 2019, the practitioner’s 45-year-old husband had a protruding haemorrhoid forming a lump that was very uncomfortable and caused severe pain while sitting for long periods at work. Occasionally he had shooting pain while passing stool with slight blood in it. He took homoeopathic treatment for six months but stopped it as he had very little...(continued)

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Swelling, itching on face 03555...UK

A 36-year-old woman suffered from recurrent swelling and itching on the face including eyelids for over three years. Doctors could not identify the cause and prescribed steroids both oral and a cream. Symptoms would fade away slowly and during each episode, it will take six weeks before her condition would be tolerable. She would then stop the steroids and...(continued)

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Irregular menses 11616...India

A 21-year-old young woman had irregular menses since her menarche nine years ago. She got her periods only once in three months, each menstrual cycle lasting for six days with excessive bleeding on most days. She was not undergoing any treatment. Due to personal circumstances, she was currently under a lot of stress. Her last period was in Jan 2021 and...(continued)

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Pilonidal Cyst 03596...USA

A 22-year-old woman suffered from a recurring cyst in her lower back near the tailbone for the past five years. It was diagnosed as a pilonidal cyst - an abnormal pocket in the skin that usually contains hair and skin debris. Once or twice a year it would get infected and form an abscess which caused severe pain and swelling. This affected her mobility and...(continued)

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