साई व्हाइब्रियोनिक्स पत्रिका

" जब आप किसी हतोत्साहित, निराष या रोग ग्रस्त व्यक्ति को देखते हो, वहीं आपका सेवा क्षेत्र है " Sri Sathya Sai Baba
Hands Reaching Out

Atrial Septal Defect (ASD) and Crohn’s Disease 02817...India

A small boy of 9 was diagnosed with ASD and Crohn’s disease. Surgery was refused because he was very weak. The family was so poor that the parents were unable to afford the cost of allopathic medicines. They came to see the practitioner on the recommendation of a patient who had been successfully treated for arthritis with vibrionics. The boy was given following two combos:
For ASD:
#1. NM6 Calming + SM26 Immunity + NM45 Atomic Radiation + NM75 Debility + NM90 Nutrition + OM2 Respiratory + OM19 Cardiac and Lung + BR18 Circulation + SM2 Divine Protection + SR256 Ferrum Phos + SR287 Digitalis + SR311 Rhus Tox + SR496 Heart Valves…TDS 

For Crohn's disease:
#2. NM2 Blood + NM15 Diarrhoea + NM36 War + NM80 Gastro + NM90 Nutrition + SR255 Calc Sulph…6TD 

In a month’s time, the boy who for some time had not been able to walk even in the house started going to school again. The improvement was approximately 70%.  At the end of the next two months, he was 90% better and even started playing football.

The dosage for the combo #1 continues to be TDS as a safeguard for the time being. His digestion slowly improved and the symptoms of Crohn’s Disease were gone at the end of the first month of treatment; so the dosage of #2 was reduced to TDS during the next month and then OD. He is still taking this combo 2TW.

Today he appears to be totally fit and happy, with the Divine grace of Baba. The happiness of the family cannot be expressed by us in words.