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" जब आप किसी हतोत्साहित, निराष या रोग ग्रस्त व्यक्ति को देखते हो, वहीं आपका सेवा क्षेत्र है " Sri Sathya Sai Baba
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Prostate adenoma (Benign prostatic hyperplasia) 03558...France

A 65-year-old man used to wake up frequently at night for urination since August 2018. Slowly, this frequency increased during the day as well. On 23 Sept 2018, he was diagnosed with prostate adenoma (enlarged prostate, restricting the flow of urine). His urologist suggested prostatectomy (surgery for partial/complete removal of the prostate) and also prescribed Oroken tablets for urinary tract infection as revealed by tests at the time. Worried about the side effects of this antibiotic and due to fear of losing his prostate to surgery, he declined any allopathic treatment. His situation was slowly becoming worse and after four months, he was waking up for urination 5-6 times in the night. The quality of life was being adversely affected. He was on the lookout for an alternative and safe healing therapy. On 20 Jan 2019 he contacted the practitioner and was given the following remedy:

CC12.1 Adult tonic + CC13.2 Kidney & Bladder infections + CC13.3 Incontinence + CC14.2 Prostate + CC15.2 Psychiatric disorders…6TD

As there was slow but steady improvement, he continued the remedy and after five months, the frequency of urination at nights was reduced to three times and he had no such urge during the day. By 19 Jan 2020, he felt completely healed as only occasionally he would wake up during the night. The dosage was reduced to TDS. In the next five months, he never had to get up at night, so the dosage was reduced to OD and finally stopped on 3 Jan 2021. As of April 2021, there has been no recurrence.