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" Cuando quiera que vean a una persona enferma, abatida o desconsolada, ahí está su campo de seva(servicio) " Sri Sathya Sai Baba
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Insomnia 03564...Australia

A 69-year-old woman visited the practitioner for treatment of insomnia she had been suffering from, for the last ten years. Her usual pattern of sleep was going to bed at 10 pm at night and within an hour she would be awake. Thereafter she found it difficult to fall asleep unless she took an allopathic sleeping tablet. The patient voluntarily stopped taking the allopathic medicines, realising its adverse side effects, before starting vibro remedies on 18 Feb 2018.

She was given:

#1. CC15.6 Sleep disorders...One pill half an hour before bedtime. If still not asleep, then 1 pill every 10 minutes for up to one hour. 

After two days of taking the remedy, the patient felt 90% improvement in her condition as she was able to sleep with the first pill itself and did not wake up after an hour. However she did require another dose in the middle of the night. After taking the same combo for another 3 months, she was taking the middle-of-the-night dose less frequently. 

After another month in June 2018, she felt she was completely cured of her condition as she was now occasionally taking the 2nd dose half an hour later. It was rare that she would need to take another pill in the middle of the night but if she did, she was back to sleep quickly.

Practitioner’s comments: This patient was so impressed with the results that she has already recommended vibrionics to several of her friends.