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Stye 11583...India

On 28 November 2016, a 40-year-old woman consulted this practitioner immediately after the symptoms surfaced in her right eye: sudden itching, swelling, watering and redness due to a stye. The problem started over 10 years ago and it has been recurring on average every 6 months. Every time, her physician would prescribe antibiotics and the symptoms would completely disappear generally within 2 weeks.

The following combo was given:
CC7.3 Eye infections…one dose every ten minutes for two hours followed by 6TD

After the first day, there was 40% reduction in the symptoms. After another 2 days, there was 80% improvement in the condition and so the dosage was reduced to TDS. After a total of 5 days, all the symptoms had completely gone, so the remedy was stopped. It is worth noting that this time the patient did not take any allopathic treatment which normally took 10-14 days to cure the stye. On her last visit to the practitioner recently for treatment for her family members, the patient reported that the styes never came back!

Editor’s comment: Although the treatment in this case was successful but in such chronic cases, the dosage should normally be tapered down slowly before stopping.