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" Cuando quiera que vean a una persona enferma, abatida o desconsolada, ahí está su campo de seva(servicio) " Sri Sathya Sai Baba
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Chronic cough, breathing difficulty in dog 00462...USA

The tiny 13-year-old Japanese Chin dog of the practitioner's neighbour was having persistent dry cough and difficulty in breathing for over a year. Treatment from the vet did not provide any relief as the dog was still coughing and struggling to breathe. The vet had advised the owner to have the dog put down to end his suffering. In 2013, the practitioner offered vibro treatment. The neighbour obtained a few days' reprieve for the dog from the vet. On examination by the practitioner (also a trained vet), the dog's chest was clear, cervical glands were marginally swollen but were not painful. The dog was not on any medication.

He was treated with the following combo: 

NM36 War + NM63 Back-up + NM95 Rescue Plus + CC19.6 Coughchronic…in his drinking water, to be changed twice a day.

Two days later, the neighbour walked in with the dog which had completely recovered with 100% improvement from both problems. Her husband had admonished her for not contacting the practitioner sooner! The remedy was stopped after a week. The dog remained completely free of the problems and lived for another year and a half and died peacefully in sleep.