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" Wann immer du einen kranken, niedergeschlagenen, unglücklichen Menschen sieh st, da ist dein Tätigkeitsfeld für Seva " Sri Sathya Sai Baba
Hands Reaching Out

Restless Leg Syndrome 02864 ...USA

 A 72-year-old female complained about restless leg syndrome for 30 years. And because of the pain in her legs she has been unable to get a good night’s rest for the same amount of time. The pain has steadily worsened, specifically in the nights, which are bad. She has a whole lot of other medical complaints including   asthma,   COPD,   fluid   in   lungs,   atrial   fibrillation, enlarged heart and mitral valve leak, not to mention a number of surgeries that had already been performed. She seemed in a lot of mental and psychological distress. On 19/9/13 she was given the following remedy: 

CC12.1   Adult   tonic   +  CC15.1  Mental   &  Emotional  tonic   +  CC17.2   Cleansing   +  CC18.5 Neuralgia…TDS 

One week later she called to say thank you. After 30 years of sleeplessness she was able to fall asleep with her husband like a normal person and wake up rested. She felt a lot calmer, healthier and brighter.