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A 58-year-old woman was getting ready to have thyroid surgery out of town when she called her practitioner on the way to the hospital. The practitioner started broadcasting with the Potentiser: NM20 Injury...transmitting continuously 

while the patient was out of town and approximately 2 to 3 days after she got home. She needed no  pain pills,  recovered  very  quickly  and did  not  even  have  a  scar on  her neck  where  they made the incision. She was back at work 4 days after surgery doing well. 

The practitioner  used  this  protocol for her  patient’s  next  two  procedures  since   they were performed out of town. The patient healed very quickly and took no pain pills on both of these procedures. 

Patients testimonial:

“I had thyroid surgery in 2010 and had part of my thyroid removed. My practitioner started broadcasting the day of my surgery and did not stop until I had been home for a few days. I recovered very quickly and did not have any pain and did not even have a scar on my neck where they made the incision. I did not need to take any pain pills. I went back to work four days after my surgery. I felt wonderful! 

Two  years  later  I  was  diagnosed  with  Hypercalcaemia and  I needed  to  have my parathyroid removed. I went in for the surgery at 3 pm and was on my way home at 6:00pm. My practitioner again did broadcasting the entire time I was in the hospital and for a few days after the surgery. I had no pain and never took a pain pill. My neck healed very quickly and I felt great and had no down time. 

In June 2013, I had a kidney stone after my parathyroid surgery and it would not pass so I had to have a Lithotripsy treatment in which the doctor breaks up the stone with shock waves so it can pass out of the body. I had no pain and felt great after that procedure. My practitioner continued to broadcast during and after that surgery. 

I sometimes get bouts of gastritis and I only have to take one gastro* remedy and I feel better immediately. I am very grateful for the remedies and the broadcasting.” 

*SM23 Gastro…the practitioner had given the patient this remedy to be taken when necessary.