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" Ogni volta che vedete una persona ammalata, scoraggiata, sconsolata o inferma, quello è il vostro campo di seva. " Sri Sathya Sai Baba
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Trigeminal Neuralgia 02584...Italy

A woman of 38 years came to see the vibrionics practitioner as she had for three years chronic pain in the facial nerve. It started at the change of season, 4 times each year, for 15 days. She had been given cortisone and penicillin without good results. At the acute stage of the pain in May 2008, the practitioner gave: 

NM25 Shock + NM36 War + NM44 Trigeminal Neuralgia + OM13 Trigeminal + SR348 Cortisone...TDS 

After seven days of treatment the patient, had a strong pullout for 2 days, this being an increase in the painful symptoms. The patient continued taking the same combo and after 15 days there was a 30% improvement. At the end of the month the

improvement was 50% and after 2 months 70%. After 3 months of taking the combo she was cured. We stopped  the treatment for 3 weeks and then repeated the treatment for 2 more months at TDS and then BD for 1 month. 

Patient’s testimonial: 

“I am very surprised to have been cured with some very little pills and will use this treatment for other problems.” 

Practitioner’s testimonial: 

“A Very difficult problem because the patient had a lot of pain, being with her in this treatment was important.”