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" जब आप किसी हतोत्साहित, निराष या रोग ग्रस्त व्यक्ति को देखते हो, वहीं आपका सेवा क्षेत्र है " Sri Sathya Sai Baba
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Cough – post Covid-19 11613...India

A 55-year-old female was suffering from the symptoms of cough, headache, fever and loss of taste since 29 April 2020. Within 3 days, with allopathic medicines, she was relieved of all her symptoms except loss of taste and general uneasiness. When her sick neighbour she had been attending to was tested positive for Covid-19, she herself underwent a test and was found positive on 6 May. She was immediately quarantined in a vacant house and was given a course of antibiotics and antiviral treatment for 5 days. In addition, she started taking health supplements and a decoction of spices and jaggery, twice a day. On 11 May, she still had cough mainly in the evenings and mild right-sided headache, for which her husband sought vibrionics treatment. The practitioner gave the standard prophylactic remedy, viz:

CC4.1 Digestion tonic + CC4.8 Gastroenteritis + CC9.4 Children’s diseases + CC10.1 Emergencies + CC13.1 Kidney & Bladder tonic + CC15.1 Mental & Emotional tonic + CC19.3 Chest infections chronic + CC19.6 Cough chronic + CC19.7 Throat chronic…one dose every 10 minutes for 2 hours, followed by 6TD for 4 days

From the very next day, she had no cough and felt completely well. A test done on 15 May came out negative. So the dosage was reduced to TDS for 4 days followed by BD until the Covid-19 situation is completely under control.