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" Lorsque vous voyez une personne malade, une personne dans le désespoir, inconsolable ou malade,c‟est ici qu‟est la place de votre seva. " Sri Sathya Sai Baba
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Infertility 02799...UK

A lady of 36 years had been married 11 years and had been unable to conceive due to a problem with immune system and with chromosomes. She had been given three IVF treatments but they had failed.

It was suggested she should adopt a child but she had set her heart on having her own. The practitioner gav

NM7 CB7 + OM24 Female Genital + BR7 Stress + BR16 Female + SM6 Stress + SM29 Tension + SR255 Calc Sulph (200C) + SR262 Nat Phos 200C + SR537 Uterus + SR544 Aletris Far…TDS.

And from the 108CC Box, CC14.3 Male infertility...TDS to the husband.

The remedies were taken for 5 months and in the 6th month she conceived. To make sure that the baby was well and truly established in her uterus, the patient informed her doctor only after she was two months’ pregnant. The news astonished him. It was only after having confirmed with a scan that the baby was healthy and the delivery expected to be normal that he really believed there would be a successful outcome. The baby is due any day now and the whole family including both grandparents and friends are looking forward to a safe delivery.

From 108CC box: for female infertility: CC8.1 Female tonic. From Sai Ram Potentiser: for male infertility: OM22 Male Genital + SR216 Vitamin-E + SR254 Calc Phos (200C) + SR262 Nat Phos (200C) + SR522 Pituitary Anterior + SR534 Testes.