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Acute tongue blisters 11594...India

A 10-year-old boy sought treatment for two days duration tongue blisters on 18 March 2018. The blisters were swollen and painful; the pain in throat made it difficult to swallow solid item since one day. The patient’s mother informed that the child had the history of tonsillitis. Since 3 years, every year he experienced 3-4 episodes of tonsillitis. Currently the patient did not show any other symptoms of tonsillitis (like nausea, fever, vomiting) but had throat pain causing difficulty in swallowing. The patient completed allopathic course for the same but as there was no complete recovery, the parents were planning for surgical removal of tonsils. The patient did not take any other medication with vibrionics.

He was given the following combo:
CC9.2 Infections acute + CC11.5 Mouth infections + CC12.2 Child tonic + CC15.1 Mental and emotional tonic + CC17.3 Brain and Memory tonic + CC19.7 Throat tonic + CC21.8 Herpes…one dose every 10 minutes for 2 hours followed by 6TD from 19-3-18.

After one day, there was 40% improvement in throat pain and solid food intake was improved. After three days (on 21 March 2018), there was 75% improvement in throat pain so the dosage was reduced to TDS. On 23 March 2018, the child had 100% recovery from throat pain and he was able to take solid foods without difficulty. Hence dosage was reduced to OD.

On 26 March 2018, the remedy for tongue blisters was stopped and the combo was changed keeping in mind the treatment of chronic tonsillitis:

#2. CC12.2 Child tonic + CC17.3 Brain and Memory tonic + CC19.7 Throat tonic…TDS 

Editor’s comment:
The practitioner thought that the patient may also have Herpes labialis. So he added CC21.8 Herpes.