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" Cuando quiera que vean a una persona enferma, abatida o desconsolada, ahí está su campo de seva(servicio) " Sri Sathya Sai Baba
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Respiratory Allergy and Chronic Cough 01352A...India

A male patient aged 56 had been suffering for 5 years from respiratory allergy as diagnosed by his allopathic doctors. His symptoms included scores of sneezes and watering eyes every morning, sometimes coupled with swelling of the face. He had also suffered for 20 years from a cough which resulted in constant expulsion of yellow and grey phlegm. Over the years, both allopathic and alternative treatments had been tried but nothing had helped either of his conditions. The practitioner gave him:

CC19.2 Respiratory Allergies CC19.6 Cough - chronic…TDS.

Within 7 days, both problems had gone and the patient was having difficulty in coming to terms with such a rapid treatment!