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" Cuando quiera que vean a una persona enferma, abatida o desconsolada, ahí está su campo de seva(servicio) " Sri Sathya Sai Baba
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Diabetes with High BP 01423J...India

A 49 year old male patient was diagnosed with diabetes a year before he saw the practitioner. He also had high blood pressure and high cholesterol. He was given:

CC3.3 High Blood Pressure + CC3.5 Arteriosclerosis + CC6.3 Diabetes…TDS.

On a regular self-monitoring over a period of a few weeks, there was no change. However, what did come to light was that the patient’s liver was also ailing and had problems; so

CC4.2 Liver and Gallbladder tonic was added to the above. It was after this that the patient started to feel better. The continuing self-monitoring revealed that the patient’s blood sugar became almost normal. Two months later, clinical tests showed that blood pressure was normal at 120/80 and cholesterol level was reduced. The family doctor remarked to the patient “You are almost a nondiabetic!” and asked the patient whether he was taking some alternative treatment. The allopathic medicine has been much reduced and Vibrionics treatment continues with the same combo.