Glasnik Sai Vibrionike

" Kad god vidite nesretnu, bolesnu ili potištenu osobu, to je polje vašeg sluţenja,seve. " Sri Sathya Sai Baba
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Long term Depression 01339 ...USA

A 64-year-old second generation Jewish man whose parents were Holocaust survivors, came to me the first time in October 2011, having suffered life-long depression, a continuing feeling of hopelessness and a concern for his lack of memory. We spoke at length both about his life and illness. We also talked about Sathya Sai Baba and related topics. I mailed the following common combos, a remedy that I call “Uplift”, feeling that it indeed uplifts the patient.

CC12.1 Adult tonic + CC15.2 Psychiatric disorders + CC17.3 Brain & Memory tonic + CC18.2 Alzheimer’s disease…QDS to 6TD. 

For new patients taking the remedy 6TD can be too difficult. I encouraged him to take the remedy at least QDS and 6TD when possible. Within the first month he felt a growing energy, a new lightness and hope. After two months the dosage was reduced to TDS, unless he was having an emotionally difficult day. Then he increased it to QDS

He stayed on the remedy for about 18 months. His mental outlook, memory, personal life and relationships  improved  and  he  stopped  taking  the  remedy.  Over  this  past  year  depression returned. He is now back on the same vibrionics combo at TDS and doing very well. He’s happy. 

Patients testimonial:

“My name is Dani Novak and I am almost 65 years old. My parents were Holocaust survivors and most of my life from about age 14, I suffered from severe depressions. Swami helped me immensely. Some of the details were documented on Radio Sai through the Tryst with Divinity audio program on June 14, 2011. 

One of the milestones in my healing was my introduction to Sai Vibrionics and Iwould like to share with you my experience and I hope it will help others with a similar situation. My practitioner listened to my story attentively when we had our first phone interview and felt intuitively that my problem comes from deeply imbedded grief that stemmed from my immediate past life, and not just from my current situation as a child of Holocaust survivors. I felt that she was right and was very hopeful that the Sai Vibrionics pills would help, and indeed they did. I cannot describe to you how different I started feeling. It was gradual and lasted for about two years. At a certain point in time I felt I needn’t take the pills any more but the depressions returned, and after consultation with my healer I resumed taking them and may continue for a long time. 

It feels so, so, good to be free from these constant background feelings that took different forms like fear, depression, confusion etc. Now there is more and more light and more and more of an inner calling to serve others and to share my love. I feel like a newborn baby.

I would like to mention that I had a commitment, and still do, of taking the pills 3-4 times a day and making sure not to eat 20 minutes before and after taking them, and this has had a positive side  effect  because  before  that, when  driving  back  home  from  work, my mind  would  weave through numerous inner desires related to eating food after a long day, and it never was a good thing for me. While now, when I come home, I immediately take the pills and the waiting time gives me inner time and space to centre, and not to be enslaved by my senses.

My devotion to my inner teacher in the form of Sathya Sai Baba was also very helpful. The loving care of my practitioner that always showed Love and was listening to my report was another essential ingredient. I will forever be grateful to Swami for healing me through this medium.”